We’ve all experienced it before—that unmistakable smell of sunscreen that transports us back to our childhoods and brings with it a wave of nostalgia. But how do you describe the scent of sunscreen? It’s sweet and summery and evokes memories of lazy beach days spent soaking up the sun. Let’s break down the different elements that make up this uniquely delightful aroma.

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Coconut Oil & Tropical Fruits

The base note in most sunscreen scents is coconut oil. This warm, inviting fragrance is often blended with other notes, such as tropical fruits like pineapple and mango to create a sweet, summery aroma that captures the feeling of a day at the beach. In fact, some sunscreens are even infused with tropical-inspired fragrances such as coconut lime or banana smoothie for an extra boost of that signature scent.

Sea Salt & Sandalwood

The middle notes in sunscreen scents often consist of sea salt and sandalwood. These two scents combine to create a slightly musky smell that is reminiscent of a salty ocean breeze. They also add an earthiness to the overall scent profile that helps balance out the sweetness from the top and bottom notes.

Vanilla & Musk

Finally, many sunscreens contain top notes made up of vanilla and musk. These two aromas blend together beautifully to create an almost creamy smell that adds depth to the overall fragrance profile without overpowering it. Vanilla also has calming properties which can help evoke feelings of relaxation and peace – perfect for those long days spent lounging on the beach!

Sunscreen has always been associated with summertime fun, but now it can also be associated with wonderful memories thanks to its unique scent profile! While each sunscreen may have its own unique blend of aromas, they all share one thing in common—the warm, inviting smell that takes us back to our childhoods and reminds us just how special summertime can be! Whether you’re headed off on holiday or just spending a weekend by the pool, don’t forget your sunscreen – you won’t regret it!

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Is There a Perfume That Smells Like Sunscreen?

The scent of sunscreen is one that conjures up memories of hot summer days spent outdoors, and now you can bring that smell to your everyday life with a sunscreen-inspired perfume. Here's what you need to know about these unique fragrances.

Why Choose Sunscreen-Inspired Perfume?

Sunscreen-inspired perfumes are an excellent way to capture the fresh and clean smell of sunscreen while still maintaining a sophisticated, modern scent. These fragrances can add an unexpected element of fun and nostalgia to any look, making them perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.

If you're looking for a sunscreen-inspired fragrance, there are several popular options available. One of the most popular choices is SunShield by Atelier Cologne, which combines notes of bergamot, neroli, pink grapefruit, and coconut in an uplifting citrus blend. Another popular option is CB I Hate Perfume's Watermelon Suncream, which features melon and jasmine notes to create an energizing summery scent. Finally, Jo Malone London's Plant Dusting Cologne has notes of tomato leaf and white musk to capture the essence of freshly applied sun protection.

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What Else Should You Know?

When purchasing sunscreen-inspired perfumes, it's important to note that their scents do not actually contain SPF protection - they are only designed to smell like sunscreen itself! Additionally, as with any fragrance, be sure to patch test before applying liberally all over your body - skin sensitivities may vary from person to person. It can be especially important when with small batches. An up and coming trend is suntan lotion candle with different scent notes for the enthusiasts!


Sunscreen-inspired perfumes are a great way to evoke memories of warm summer days without overwhelming yourself (or those around you!) with the actual scent of sunscreen lotion. With their unique mix of notes designed to capture the essence of sun protection without being too overpowering, these fragrances are perfect for adding an element of nostalgia and fun into your everyday routine! Just make sure to let it dry before getting in the sand so it doesn't stick to you all over!

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