It can be a challenge to find the right shampoo for hair that is extremely knotty. From the wrong product choice to improper application, there are a number of factors that can contribute to knotted and tangled hair. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can use to select the best shampoo for your needs and get your locks back in shape. Let’s explore what helps extremely knotty hair and how to choose the right shampoo for tangled hairs.

Choosing the Right Product
The first step in determining which shampoo is best for your unique strands is to understand the type of hair you have. Different types of hair have different needs, so it’s important to know if you have thick or thin, curly or straight, or dry or oily hair before selecting a product. Once you have identified your hair type, look for shampoos specifically designed with that type in mind. For example, if you have frizzy hair, look for shampoos with ingredients such as keratin or argan oil that will help tame flyaways.

When looking at a label, pay close attention to any words like “nourishing” or “moisturizing”—these ingredients will help keep your strands hydrated and healthy even after frequent washes. Additionally, take some time to read reviews from people who have used the product before making a purchase; this will give you an idea of what kind of results others got from using it on their own strands.

Proper Application Techniques             
Once you have chosen the right product for your needs, it’s time to learn proper application techniques. When washing your hair with shampoo, make sure not to pile too much onto one area as this can cause tangles and knots due to over-saturation. Instead, focus on spreading out the shampoo evenly throughout all areas of your scalp and gently massage it into each strand using circular motions in order to ensure thorough cleansing without damage. Additionally, avoid rubbing too hard as this can further cause knots and tangles by damaging delicate follicles.

It is also important not to leave shampoo on for too long as this can strip away natural oils needed for healthy locks; leave it on only long enough for lather formation before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water (avoid hot water as this may cause even more knotting). Afterward, use a wide-toothed comb starting at the ends of each strand and work slowly up towards the roots while spraying detangling spray onto wet locks; this will help loosen stubborn knots while keeping them moisturized and softening them until they come apart easily without breaking off individual hairs.

Taking care of extremely knotty hair can be challenging but finding the right product combined with proper application techniques can make all the difference when it comes getting your locks back into shape quickly and efficiently! With these tips in mind next time you go shopping for shampoo be sure to consider what type of product best suits your needs and don't forget about proper application techniques once you've made your selection! By following these steps you'll be well on your way towards achieving beautiful tangle-free locks!

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