Tangle hair is one of the most difficult types of hair to style because its texture is hard to manage. To keep your hair looking healthy and shiny, it's important to use the right shampoo because it can help to nourish and hydrate your hair so that it's easier to detangle and style.

But with so many options & brands available on the market, choosing the best one that works perfectly with your hair type can be difficult because not all shampoos are created equally. Are you looking for the best shampoo for tangled hair that is potent and effective?

Dont worry; we have got you covered. We know that finding the best shampoo for tangled hair can be a hectic task because not all products can provide the desired result that you want; that's why we have compiled a list of the top 4 best shampoos for tangled hair.

All these shampoos for tangled hair are crafted with natural ingredients that will provide the needed nourishment to your hair and make it softer and smoother. Plus, they all are free from harsh chemicals and ingredients, so you dont need to worry about any damage to your hair.

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How We Choose The Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair:

Tangled hair (trichonodosis) can be quite tricky to manage because it tends to be very dry, frizzy, and difficult to comb. That's why using the right shampoo specially made for tangled hair is essential becaue it will help keep the hair moisturized, manageable, and free from knots.

But with so many shampoos available on the market, finding the best shampoo for tangled hair can be a challenge because not all products are able to provide the same level of nourishment.

To help you, we have done deep research and picked the top 4 best shampoos for tangled hair. All these products are formulated with natural ingredients that will help strengthen, nourish and hydrate the hair so you won't have to worry about knots or tangles.

Best Detangling Shampoo For Color Treated & Dry Hair

BIOLAGE Hydra Source Detangling Solution

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Why GG Loves It

Do your dry, tangled hair needs extra hydration? Looking for a shampoo that instantly renews hair moisture? If so, the Biolage hydrasource detangling solution is a perfect choice for you.

This detangling shampoo is made with natural ingredients like aloe vera, algae, and passion flower extracts that deeply nourish your hair and provide it with a boost of hydration.

It is specially formulated to provide curly and dry hair with ample moisture without weighing it down. The shampoo is pH balanced and also fights and protects against hair breakage.

It helps strengthen hair and reduce static & frizz for easier detangling. When it comes to color-treated hair, this product is a savior as it helps maintain hair color for longer and protects it from fading.

The moisturizing formula is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other harsh chemicals, which means it is safe for daily use and won't cause any damage to your hair or scalp.

Simply put, the Biolage hydrasource detangling solution is much better than other detangling shampoos because it not only detangles your hair but also helps maintain its health and shine. You can finish this off with the best hair oil for that professional look.

What You Should Know

Tangled hair can be a hassle, but with the help of BIOLAGE Hydra Source Detangling Solution for dry hair, you can quickly and easily detangle your hair no matter what type you have.

This lightweight solution is enriched with aloe vera, which helps to boost hydration levels, leaving your hair feeling softer and smoother while nourishing the hair cuticles for healthier growth.

This sulfate-free shampoo helps to reduce static, providing you with a frizz-free finish. It's safe for all hair types, including color-treated, oily hair, and especially for dry and damaged hair.

Apply this hydrating shampoo to your wet hair, leave it for 1-3 minutes, and then rinse off thoroughly. Enjoy a tangle-free mane with BIOLAGE Hydra Source Detangling Solution!

You can combine this detangling shampoo with BIOLAGE Hydra Source Detangling Conditioner for the best result. So try this shampoo today and enjoy healthy, beautiful-looking hair.

Best Shampoo For Medium to Thick Dry and Color Treated Hair

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Are you tired of dry and brittle hair? Need a gentle shampoo to nourish and protect your dry & color-treated hair? If so, look no further than Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo!

This luxurious shampoo is formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to protect and restore hair's moisture balance while promoting healthy hair growth.

Like nature professional detangling shampoo, it is also rich in natural extracts that help to keep moisture locked in the hair shaft, so your hair will feel soft and silky after each wash.

This shampoo can deeply hydrate & nourish the hair cuticles while protecting it from environmental damage by forming a shield against heat, dirt, pollutants, and other aggressors.

It also helps reduce frizz and add shine to your hair, so it always looks its best. The natural shampoo has a delightful gentle fragrance that lingers in the hair throughout the day.

If you need a shampoo that is gentle enough for daily use and that gives your hair the perfect balance of hydration and protection, then this moisturizing shampoo is the perfect choice.

What You Should Know

This best shampoo provides multifaceted benefits to your hair strands, including strengthening, nourishing, and obliterating the problems of brittle, dry, unmanageable hair.

This detangling shampoo contains some powerful natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, green tea, and sage that prevent damage to the hair from heat styling and environmental elements.

It works with all hair types & textures, no matter if you have oily hair, straight hair, fine hair, natural hair, color-treated hair, damaged hair, and knotted hair, so you can get the best results.

You can also use Pureology Hydrate detangling conditioner with this shampoo, as it provides lightweight conditioning that hydrates, softens, and strengthens the hair folli­cles.

It helps to provide intense hydration and detangling power, as well as making color-treated hair soft and look vibrant. So, try this combination to get the best outcome for your hair!

Best Shampoo For All Hair Types

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Are you searching for a shampoo that helps balance moisture, adds volume and shine, and works for all hair types? If so, then Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Shampoo is a perfect choice.

This all-in-one shampoo is infused with Hawaiian awapuhi extract, which helps to balance out the moisture levels in your hair and scalp, keeping them hydrated and healthy.

It also contains wheat-derived conditioners to add a beautiful shine to your hair and help nourish it, which means you can keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful all day long.

This liquid formula is lightweight, non-greasy, and free of sulfates, making it ideal for all hair textures, including oily hair, african american hair, thin hair, and damaged and dry hair.

Like nature professional detangling & conditioning shampoo, this shampoo is also vegan and cruelty-free, so you don't need to worry about any hair breakage or scalp irritation.

If you need a shampoo that can make your hair smooth and promotes healthy hair growth that is full of life and vitality, then Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Shampoo is the right choice.

What You Should Know

This conditioning shampoo is a comprehensive solution for tangled hair, color-treated hair, and other concerns that might require a bit more attention and require a special product.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo is formulated with Hawaiian awapuhi, an organic ingredient to help keep your hair hydrated, and special conditioners that improve the texture of your hair and add volume.

The combination of these two elements ensures that your hair remains free and detangled while the brightening effect of dull cleansing buildup gives you a glowing look.

This detangling shampoo doesn't contain cocoa butter, honey crème, coconut oil, red palm oil, or vitamin e, but it includes other natural oils that attract moisture and help repair split ends.

For those who need a shampoo that helps leave hair shiny and manageable, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo is the answer. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits of a natural solution.

Best Shampoo For Dry, Curly Hair

Sheamoisture Residue Remover Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Are you looking for a hi-slip detangling shampoo that helps to transform shrinkage-prone hair into bouncy curls? This Shea Moisture Residue Remover Shampoo is your perfect choice.

This coconut oil-free shampoo is infused with fairly trade shea butter, cocoa butter, red palm oil, vitamin e, and hydrolyzed wheat protein, making it the best shampoo for detangled hair.

Cocoa butter and shea butter are known for their intensive moisturizing properties, helping to nourish dry curls and kinks. The added vitamin E helps protect hair from breakage.

This best detangling shampoo works perfectly with all hair types, whether it's tangled hair, thin hair, & fine or oily hair. It repairs the hair cuticles, giving the hair a healthier appearance.

The key to detangled hair is hydration & moisturization, and this shampoo does just that. It's perfect for those who want to keep their hair looking healthy, hydrated, and manageable!

What You Should Know

Tangled hair is more than just an annoyance; it can cause hair breakage and damage your locks. Free yourself from the daily struggle of unraveling tangles with SheaMoisture's Residue Remover Shampoo.

This residue-fighting shampoo is formulated with red palm oil and cocoa butter to gently cleanse, soften and detangle hair. It helps to remove oil, build-up, and impurities from the scalp.

This anti-shrinkage hydrating shampoo doesn't leaves hair smooth and shiny but also provides the essential hydration it needs for long-term healthy hair that is easy to manage.

This shampoo is formulated with no silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or petrolatum, so while using this, you can be assured that your hair won't suffer any damage.

If you are struggling with tangles, SheaMoisture's Residue Remover Shampoo is the perfect tool to help you break free. Try it and experience your hair in its soft, manageable state.

Here are Some FAQs to Help Guide you on Your Way!

Tangled hair is one of the most difficult types of hair to manage because it's more prone to breakage and dryness that can cause more tangling, so using the right shampoo is essential.

It provides maximum nutrition and hydration to your hair, which helps reduce the chances of tangling. But without knowing the reason behind tangling, it is hard to deal with the problem.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about tangled hair that can help guide you on your way so that you can get the best results from your hair care routine.

Why does my hair tangle so easily?

A common problem for many people is that the hair gets tangled easily. This can be due to several factors, such as the type of your hair, the health of your hair, and the way you style or manage it.

The first factor is hair type. Different types of hair are more prone to tangling than others. For example, if you have curly or textured hair, your hair will likely become easily tangled.

The second factor is hair health. If you have damaged hair or if it's dry and brittle, your hair may tangle more easily because the hair strands are weaker and more prone to breakage.

To keep your hair healthy and tangle-free is essential to add shampoo or conditioner to your hair washing routine because it helps to restore hair texture and make your hair soft.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair
Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

Why does my hair get so tangled underneath?

Tangled hair can signify dryness or damage if you're not properly caring for your hair. Additionally, you may be over-brushing or overusing styling tools such as curling irons. Some other signs that can contribute to tangled hair are:

1. Too much shampooing: Too often can strip your hair of natural oils, making it dry and more vulnerable to tangles.

2. Sun Damage: Sun exposure can make your hair damaged, dry, and brittle, leading to tangles.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair
Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

How to keep synthetic hair from tangling?

Synthetic hair is a great way to add style and volume to your look. However, because it's made of man-made fibers, it tends to get tangled and matted hair after shower if not taken care of correctly. To keep synthetic hair from tangling, follow these simple steps:

1. Gently brush your synthetic hair with a wide-tooth comb or soft brush after every wear to remove any knots and tangles.

2. To keep your hair extra soft and manageable, use a detangler spray or light leave-in conditioner.

3. When you're not wearing synthetic hair, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

4. Before washing your synthetic hair, secure it in a loose braid or bun to prevent further tangling.

5. When you wash your hair, use mild shampoo and conditioner to protect the fibers. ( Make sure to choose the detangling shampoos that contain aloe vera extract, coconut oil, cocoa butter, or vitamin e).

6. Always air dry your synthetic hair after washing it to prevent heat damage.

7. Finally, never sleep with your synthetic hair still in. This can cause it to tangle and knot, making it harder to manage.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair
Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

Why does my hair get tangled so easily?

The most common reason for tangled hair is dryness or lack of moisture. You see, our hair shaft is formed in a spiral pattern, and when it lacks moisture, the hair strands move around more easily, resulting in tangles.

If you want to avoid tangled hair, the key is to keep your hair well-hydrated. Use a leave-in conditioner or shampoo that contains coconut milk, honey crème, and aloe vera extract and is perfect for every hair texture, including damaged hair, matted hair, and fine or thin hair.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

What helps extremely knotty hair?

Tangled hair, which is also called "knotty hair," can be difficult to comb and style. To help detangle knots, follow the simple steps below:

1. Use a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush with soft bristles to reduce breakage and snagging.

2. Start from the ends of your hair, working up to the roots.

3. Add some leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to help loosen knots.

4. Section off your hair and work one section at a time.

5. Gently pull apart the knots with your fingers.

6. Finish by brushing the entire hair with a soft brush to remove any remaining tangles.

You can also keep your hair soft and supple by using a deep conditioning mask once a week but make sure that it contains organic ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin e, or coconut oils.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair
Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

Why does my hair get so tangled when I shampoo it?

The most common cause of tangled hair is not shampooing properly. When you shampoo, it's important to distribute the product evenly throughout your hair and scalp. If you don't know how to apply shampoo properly, then adhere to the steps cited below:

1. Before applying shampoo to your hair, it's important to put some product in the palm of your hand. This will make it easier to spread and control how much shampoo you're using.

2. Next, wet your hair with warm water and apply the shampoo downward, beginning at the scalp.

3. Focus on massaging the product into your scalp, paying special attention to the roots where dirt and oils accumulate.

4. Once you have finished scrubbing the shampoo into your scalp, spread the product throughout the rest of your hair, avoiding your ends.

5. Rinse with warm water and then rinse with cooler water to close the cuticles and further reduce tangles.

6. Finally, use a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush to comb out any remaining tangles or knots.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair
Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

Should you shampoo tangled hair?

Yes, you should shampoo tangled hair, but not with harsh shampoo because it can cause hair loss or hair fall problems. Look for shampoos specifically designed for curly or tangled hair. These shampoos are formulated to keep the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

They also help separate the strands, making it easier to detangle them without breaking. Some contain vitamin e, aloe vera, and coconut oil, making them perfect for dry and starved hair. They also stimulate better blood flow and unclog blocked hair follicles to leave hair shiny.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

What causes extremely knotty hair?

Dryness is one of the most common causes of extremely knotty hair. Other causes may include the following:

1. Using the wrong product in your hair texture or type

2. Heat styling tools like curlers, flatirons, and blow dryers

3. Too much product build-up on the scalp

4. Lack of regular trims and not following an effective hair care regimen

5. Washing your hair too frequently or not often enough

6. Never brush or comb the hair

7. Not using a wide-toothed comb on wet hair

8. Tight hairstyles such as ponytails and buns

9. Allowing the natural oils to not be distributed throughout the hair

10. Playing too roughly with your hair

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

How do I keep my hair tangle free all day?

Keeping your hair tangle free all day is one of the most important steps in your hair styling routine. It requires proper technique and the right products to get the job done right. Here are a few tips to help you keep your hair tangle free:

1. Use a hair mask regularly to help nourish and protect your hair from tangles.

2. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush out any knots, as this will cause less breakage and damage.

3. Use a conditioner after washing your hair to help keep it moisturized and hydrated.

4. Rinse your hair with cold water, which will help reduce split ends and keep your hair soft and shiny.

5. Tie your hair when sleeping or when out in the sun to prevent it from becoming tangled.

6. When styling, use a heat-protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat of styling tools.

Best Shampoo For Tangled Hair

Top 4 Best Shampoos For Tangled Hair:

Tangled hair can be a real hassle to manage because of its dry, coarse texture, but with the right shampoo, you can keep your locks nourished & hydrated, so they look shiny and healthy!

The top 4 best shampoos for tangled hair listed above are all great options for those who are looking to untangle their locks without compromising hair's integrity and health.

With any of these shampoos, you will notice a difference in the texture and shine of your hair after the first use! So go ahead and try out one of these shampoos to acquire silky smooth hair.