Looking to give your hair some sparkle without the fuss of glitter? Glitter hair spray may be just the thing. It's a great way to add an extra touch of glamor and shine without needing to worry about pesky glitter particles getting everywhere. Here's how you can make your own glitter hair spray in just a few simple steps.

Gather Your Materials

Before you begin creating your glitter hair spray, gather all the materials you will need. This includes hairspray, glitter, and an old spray bottle. Make sure the hairspray you choose is not too heavy or sticky—you don't want it weighing down your hair! Next, select the type of glitter you want to use; there are many different kinds available depending on what look you're going for. Finally, find an empty spray bottle and rinse it out with warm water so that it's clean and ready for use.

Mix Your Ingredients

Once you have all your materials gathered, it's time to mix them together. Start by pouring one cup of hairspray into the empty spray bottle. Then add two tablespoons of glitter and shake well until the mixture is completely blended together. You can adjust these measurements depending on how sparkly or subtle you want the final result to be.

Apply and Style

Now that your glitter hair spray is ready, it's time to apply it! Start by spraying lightly at first until you get used to using the product. Then style as usual—the added glimmer will give your hair a professional finish without being too overwhelming or over-the-top. If desired, add more product as needed until you reach your desired level of sparkle.

With just a few simple steps, anyone can create their own custom glitter hair spray! Whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or full-on glamour, this DIY project provides endless possibilities when it comes to style and creativity. Plus, making your own version ensures that only quality ingredients go into each batch –– giving every spritz beautiful results with minimal effort! So go ahead –– try making your own sparkling masterpiece today!

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How to Add Glitter to Hairspray

Adding glitter to your hairspray is a great way to give it an extra sparkle that will make you shine. Here are some steps on how you can easily add glitter to your favorite hair product:

Choose the right glitter

The first thing you'll need to do is find the perfect glitter for your hairspray. There are many different glitters available in stores and online, from larger chunky flakes to ultrafine shimmer particles. Choose one that has both color and sparkle so that your finished result looks great!

Mix together

Next, pour out a small amount of hairspray into a bowl or measuring cup and slowly add the glitter until you reach your desired level of sparkle – start off with a tiny amount and if needed, keep adding more until you get the desired effect. Make sure to mix the ingredients well with either a whisk or spoon so that the glitter is evenly distributed throughout the liquid.

Bottle it up

Once the mixture is ready, simply pour it back into its original bottle or spray container and use as normal! You’ll now have shimmery locks every time you spritz this special concoction onto your hair! Have fun experimenting with different colors and types of glitters until you find one that perfectly suits your style!