Are you tired of applying lipstick only for it to smudge or fade away after a few sips of water or bites of food? Well, the good news is there are various ways to make your lipstick waterproof, and you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive products. In this blog post, we'll share with you some simple hacks to make your lips stay put, even during a swim or shower.

Start with a lipliner

Before applying your lipstick, start by lining your lips with a waterproof lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. This will create a barrier between your lips and the outside world, preventing moisture from seeping in and causing your lipstick to smudge or fade. Lip liners also help define your lips and give them a more polished look, making your lipstick application process easier and more precise.

Apply a layer of lip balm

Next, apply a layer of lip balm to your lips, especially if they tend to dry out quickly. Lip balm helps keep your lips moisturized and prevents your lipstick from cracking or flaking. It also acts as a base for your lipstick, helping it adhere better and stay put for a long.

Use a long-wear or matte lipstick

While most standard lipsticks aren't waterproof, some long-wear or matte lipsticks are. These types of lipsticks are designed to stay on your lips for up to 24 hours and are resistant to water, sweat, and other elements that could cause your lipstick to smudge or fade. They're also available in a range of colors and finishes, so you can choose one that suits your style.

Set your lipstick with powder

Once you've applied your lipstick, take a small amount of setting powder on a brush or sponge and dab it over your lips. This technique helps lock in the color and prevent your lipstick from transferring onto clothes or other surfaces. Be sure to use a translucent powder or one that matches your skin tone so your lipstick color doesn't change.

Finish with a fixing spray

Lastly, finish your lipstick application by spraying your lips with a fixing spray. Fixing sprays are designed to lock in your makeup and help it last longer. They're available in both waterproof and non-waterproof formulas, so be sure to choose a waterproof one if you plan on wearing your lipstick while swimming or in other water-based activities.

Making your lipstick waterproof doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By following these simple hacks, your lips can stay put whether you're enjoying a swim or a shower. Remember to start with a lip liner, apply a layer of lip balm, use a long-wearing or matte lipstick, set your lipstick with powder, and finish with a fixing spray. By doing so, you can enjoy a long-lasting and flawless lip color that won't smudge or fade away easily.

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