Do you rock beautiful permed locks? If the answer is yes, then you understand the significance of choosing the right shampoo to preserve those stunning curls.

We've curated a list of the ultimate shampoos tailored for permed hair, ensuring your curls stay flawless and long-lasting. Get ready for a hair transformation!

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Do you have permed hair?

If so, you know that it's important to use the right shampoo in order to maintain its shape and style. That's why we've put together a list of the best shampoos for permed hair.

Use one of these shampoos and your permed hair and it will last longer than ever before!

Not only are they great for keeping your permed hair soft and looking perfect, but they also nourish your hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals, whilst maintaining your natural oils.

Check the price on one of our recommended permed hair shampoos today!

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How We Choose the Best Shampoo for Permed Hair

You want to find the best shampoo for permed hair, but there are so many products on the market it's hard to know where to start. Have you tried everything from apple cider vinegar to shea butter to aloe vera?

It can be tough finding the right product when you don't know what to look for. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the best drugstore shampoo for permed hair like your hair type and texture, how often you perm your chemically treated hair, and what kind of results you're hoping to achieve.

We've done the hard work for you and have reviewed hundreds of shampoos to find the best one for permed hair.

These shampoos are designed specifically for curly hair and will help define your curls while protecting them, and a sensitive scalp from heat damage.

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Best Shampoo for Replenishing

Infusium Moisturize and Replenish Professional Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Welcome to the world of Infusium Moisturize + Replenish Professional Shampoo! This luxurious shampoo is formulated with Avocado and Olive Oils to help hydrate and quench dry, dull hair ensuring your permed hair remains strong.

The perfect way to revive lackluster locks, the Moisturize + Replenish Collection features a customized blend of proteins and conditioners that will leave your hair soft and looking healthier than ever before.

Whether you’re dealing with damaged strands, permed hair or simply want to give your locks a little extra love, this professional-grade shampoo is sure to become a staple in your hair care routine.

Thanks to its deeply nourishing natural ingredients, your hair will feel softer, smoother, and more manageable after just one use. Shea butter also assists in creating a smooth finish.

So go ahead and pamper yourself with a little luxury – your permed hair deserves it!

What you Ought to know

If your permed hair is in need of some serious TLC, look no further than Infusium's Moisturize and Replenish Professional Shampoo.

Formulated with the brand's i-23 Complex, it's designed to repair, restore, and restructure even the most dry and damaged hair. Blended with pro-vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, it's sure to leave your hair soft and looking shiny, beautiful, and healthy.

Plus, it contains a host of other nourishing natural ingredients like vitamins, essential fatty acids, panthenol (vitamin B-5), moisturizers, and humectants.

Simply apply to wet hair, lather up, and rinse well for best results for permed hair types.

For even more conditioning power, follow up with Infusium's Moisturize + Replenish deep Conditioner and Original Leave-in Treatment.

So why wait? Get Infusium Moisturize and Replenish Professional Shampoo today and start seeing the beautiful, healthy-looking hair you deserve!

Best Shampoo for Reconstructing

K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

If you're looking for a shampoo and conditioner for permed hair that will give your hair a much-needed boost, look no further than K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo.

Unlike traditional shampoos that can strip away what little joi remains, this power-packed formula gives and gives—instantly improving elasticity, strength, and shine.

Your hair will thank you for using K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo for permed hair!

What you Ought to know

This is a shampoo for permed hair types that gently cleanses your hair while infusing it with a brilliant, bond-strengthening defense system?

Look no further than K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo! This powerful at-home chemical treatment goes deep to repair and protect your hair, resulting in less breakage and more protection from heat styling.

Your hair will feel softer and shinier than ever before. Plus, the decadently rich lather will leave you feeling like you just stepped out of a luxurious spa.

So go ahead and treat yourself and your permed hair types to the ultimate hair care experience with K-PAK Reconstructing Shampoo.

Your hair will thank you for it!

Best Shampoo to Transform Your Hair

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Looking for a shampoo and conditioner for permed hair that not only cleanses your hair, but also protects and repairs it? Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner is your answer!

This highly-moisturizing conditioner uses its patented technology to re-link broken bonds in your hair, resulting in stronger, healthier hair that is less prone to damage, split ends, and frizz.

Plus, it is free from harsh chemicals like DEA , aldehydes, and formaldehyde, making it gentle enough for daily use.

So why wait? Give Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner a try today and see the difference for yourself!

What you Ought to know

Looking for a shampoo and conditioner that will help you achieve healthy, strong and shiny hair?

Look no further than Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner! This unique formula contains a patented molecule that helps to repair damaged hair and strengthen hair from within.

Unlike other shampoo and conditioner on the market, Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner is free of silicones and oils, so it won't weigh your hair down or leave it feeling greasy.

Plus, it's gentle enough for daily use and safe for chemically treated hair.

After just one use, you'll notice a difference in the look and feel of your hair. It will be softer, shinier and more manageable.

With regular use, you can expect even more dramatic results, including reduced breakage and split ends.

So why wait? Get healthy, strong and beautiful hair today with Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner!

Best Argan Oil Hair Mask

Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask

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Why GG Loves It

Introducing the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner by Arvazallia advanced hair repair!

This professional salon treatment instantly transforms the texture of your hair, leaving it soft, silky, and easier to manage.

It repairs, restores, and strengthens weak, damaged, and overprocessed hair to restore a healthy look while promoting natural hair growth.

Made with 100% pure argan oil, this deep conditioner is perfect for all hair types and is sure to leave your hair looking and feeling its best.

Don't wait any longer, try the Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner today!

avocado hair moisturizer

What you Ought to Know

Arvazallia's Premium Argan Oil Hair Mask is a deeply conditioning treatment that nourishes your hair with the highest quality cosmetic grade argan oil.

This oil is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that are highly effective for all hair types, including permed, natural, and curly hair.

The mask is also sulfate free and paraben free, making it safe for your hair.

Additionally, it is a member of the Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair System and is specially formulated to enhance the texture, softness, manageability, shine, and provide additional damage restoration when used together with other Arvazallia treatment products.

These products include the Arvazallia Premium Oil Hair Treatment, Ultra Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil Curl Cream, and the Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo and Daily Repair.

So if you're looking for a product that will deeply condition your hair and give it a beautiful shine, look no further than the sulfate free Arvazallia's Premium Argan Oil Hair Mask.

This product also combines well with argan oil shampoo.

Best Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner

TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

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Why GG Loves It

Looking for a shampoo and conditioner infused with coconut oil that will help your curly hair look its best? TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo and Conditioner is a great choice.

This sulfate-free shampoo is infused with coconut oil, which provides maximum hydration by targeting dryness and boosting moisture.

In addition, the Vitamin B1 in the formula helps detangle hair and control frizz.

As a result, you'll have healthier, more manageable hair that looks great, partly down to being sulfate free.

So if you're looking for a shampoo and conditioner, that is sulfate free infused with coconut oil that can take your curly hair to the next level, TRESemmé Flawless Curls is the way to go.

What you Ought to Know

There's nothing quite like the feeling of freshly-washed, well-conditioned hair. But if you have curly hair, you know that achieving and maintaining flawless curls is no easy feat.

Luckily, TRESemme Flawless Curls Conditioner is here to help.

This conditioning formula is enriched with coconut oil and helps to provide definition and manageability for gorgeous, healthy-looking curls.

In addition, the system helps to strengthen hair and tame frizz for a polished finish.

So why not give it a try? Your curls will thank you!

Best Colour Treated Hair Protection

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Introducing the new Pureology Hydrate Shampoo for permed hair! This thirst-quenching formula provides moisture, touchable softness, and extraordinary color-treated hair protection for dry hair.

The unique blend of ingredients leaves hair looking and feeling healthy, hydrated, and soft.

You are protected from environmentally damaged hair strands and color fading, while being gently cleansed without stripping away natural oils.

Safe for chemically treated hair, this permed hair shampoo is a must-have for anyone with dry, unmanageable hair strands.

What you Ought to know

Here is a creamy shampoo that will replenish your dry hair strands? Pureology's Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo that promotes healthy hair growth is perfect for you!

Not only does it add moisture to your strands, but it also protects your color. A luxurious lather gives your scalp the extra care it needs.

Jojoba, Green Tea, and Sage are just some of the emollients that make this curl nourish shampoo permed hair so special. They work together to moisturize your wavy hair healthy and support a healthy scalp.

The signature aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Bergamot, and Patchouli is relaxing and puts your mind at ease.

Pureology's Hydrating Shampoo is perfect for anyone who wants to take a moment to enjoy a spa in their shower.

Apply a dime-sized amount to wet coarse hair at the scalp and emulsify into a rich lather. Rinse and repeat for extra cleansing.

Follow up with Pureology's Hydrate Conditioner and Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray for best results.

Best Shampoo for Silky Hair 

BIOLAGE Color Last Shampoo

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Why GG Loves It

Here is a clarifying shampoo that will help keep your chemically treated hair silky smooth and looking its best?

Biolage Color Shampoo is a must-have for anyone wanting to prolong and maintain permed hair and their color.

This gentle, yet effective clarifying shampoo cleanses while preventing stripping of color. It also helps maintain depth, tone and shine.

Your color will look salon-vibrant for up to 9 weeks with regular use. Plus, the built-in conditioners leave your wavy hair healthy and feeling soft and silky whilst promoting hair growth. So why wait?

Try Biolage Color Shampoo today!

What you Ought to know

Biolage Colorlast Shampoo is a hair product that is designed to help maintain the color depth, tone, and shine of chemically treated hair.

The low pH shampoo is also paraben-free and gentle, making it suitable for both chemically treated and natural curls.

The regular shampoo is also certified cruelty-free under the Leaping Bunny Program and 100% vegan. The formula is also contained in 100% recycled bottles.

To use, simply apply to wet hair and lather with a massaging motion before rinsing thoroughly. Follow up with Colorlast Conditioner for best results.

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Permed Hair FAQs

You want to find the best shampoo for permed hair, but there are so many products on the market that it's hard to know where to start.

It can be really tough trying to find the best product for your needs, especially when there are so many options available.

How do you know which one is right for you?

We have done all of the hard work for you. We have reviewed hundreds of good shampoo and narrowed it down to the best options.

Can you Perm Bleached Hair?

Yes, you can perm bleached hair color. It is important to note that bleached hair is more fragile than unbleached hair and is more prone to breaking.

So, if you have bleached hair color, it is important to use a good quality perm solution and take care not to overprocess, or lead to dry hair. Oily hair or an oily scalp can offer natural protection to your head and hair.

Also, be sure to use a conditioner, leaving hair shiny, after perming to help soften and detangle your frizzy hair and hair color.

hair moisturizers

How to get naturally curly hair without a perm

You can't get curly hair without a perm. Curly hair is the result of a natural crimp in the hair shaft that forms when the hair is wet. When the hair dries, it coils up into curls. This is achieved more easily with coarse hair.

You can temporarily curl your hair with a curling iron or rollers, but the curls will eventually fall out.

The best way to keep your curls is with a perm or chemically treated hair that changes the structure of your hair shaft and keeps the curls in place.

When can I Wash my Hair after a Perm?

It is usually recommended to wait at least two days before shampooing your hair after a perm. This will give your hair enough time to settle and will help keep the waves looking their best.

However, if you feel like your hair is starting to get too greasy or dirty, then you can go ahead and shampoo it earlier than that.

Just be sure to use a gentle, sulfate free good nourishing shampoo so as not to lead to damaged hair and to damage your curls.

hair moisturizer

How to Style Permed Hair

There are a few things to consider when styling permed hair. First, you'll want to use a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, as permed hair can be brittle, dry and frizzy hair.

You'll also want to use a styling product that will help define your curls and keep them in place.

A good option is to use a curl-defining cream or mousse, which will help tame frizz and keep your curls looking healthy.

Finally, you'll want to avoid using heat styling tools, as they can cause damaged hair within your perm and make your hair look frizzy.

A simple way to style your curls is to let them air dry naturally; this will help preserve their shape and definition.

Can I Wet my Hair after a Perm?

Yes, you can wet your hair after a perm. In fact, it is often recommended that you wait at least 24 hours after getting a perm before washing your hair.

This will give the perm time to set and will help ensure that your curls stay bouncy and beautiful.

That said, there are a few things you should keep in mind when wetting your hair after a perm.

First, avoid using hot water when shampooing or conditioning your hair. Hot water can strip away the helpful moisture from the hair cuticle to the very tip that perm solution leaves behind and make your curls frizzy and less defined.

Instead, use lukewarm or cool water.

Second, be extra gentle with your locks when they're wet. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing. Especially with thin hair.

Do Perms cause Hair Loss?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is research on both sides of the issue.

Some people believe that perms do cause hair loss, particularly with fine brittle hair while other people believe that perms do not cause hair loss.

It is also believed by some that hair loss can be caused by chemically treated hair. Oily hair or an oily scalp can offer natural protection to your head, fine hair, hair follicles and hair cuticles.

The bottom line is that more research needs to be done in order to determine whether or not perms cause hair loss, regardless as to whether one has fine hair permed, it has been described that those with thin hair feel like they develop a baby hair texture.

How Often can you Perm your Hair?

It depends on your hair type. Some people can perm their hair every month, while others may need to wait up to six months between perms.

It also depends on the product that is used and how the perm is administered. By using more natural ingredients, you will be able to perm your hair more frequently.

Speak with a professional hairstylist to get an idea of how often you can perm your hair without damaging it.

It is suggested that people with fine hair will need to get their hair permed more frequently. The more frequent the perm can have an effect on hair texture.

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How to style Permed Hair in the Morning

If you have permed hair, you know that styling it in the morning can be a bit of a challenge. But with the right products and tools, you can achieve any look you want.

Here are some tips on how to style permed hair in the morning:

-Start by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to create a foundation for your style.

-After towel drying your hair, apply a mousse or gel evenly throughout your locks. Be sure to use product sparingly, as too much can weigh down your hair.

-Using a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer, dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. This will help to prevent frizz and give your curls definition.

-Once your hair is mostly dry, begin scrunching it with your hands to further enhance your curl pattern.

How to Sleep with Permed Hair

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to successfully sleep with permed hair. First, make sure that your hair is completely dry before you go to bed.

Sleeping with wet or even damp hair can cause your perm to loosen or even fall out.

Second, avoid sleeping on pillows made of materials like satin or silk, which can also cause your perm to loosen. Instead, opt for a pillowcase made of cotton or another natural fiber.

Third, protect your perm by tying your hair up in a loose bun before going to bed.

This will help prevent your hair from getting tangled overnight and will also keep it from coming into contact with anything that could cause damaged hair.

Should I Wash my Hair before a Perm?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it depends on your own preferences and what type of perm you are getting.

If you are getting a traditional perm, where the hair is wrapped around rods and then set with chemicals, it is generally recommended that you do regular shampoo and condition your hair before the perm chemical treatment and avoid ingredients like shea butter that may leave residue behind.

This will help to remove any natural oils or products from your hair that could potentially interfere with the perm solution.

If you are getting a textured perm (also known as a "natural" or "loose" perm), where the hair is not wrapped around rods, there is no need for the best shampoo or condition your hair beforehand.

In fact, doing so may actually make the textured curls less defined. Simply make sure that your hair is clean and free of any excess oil or products before getting the perm.

Can you use Dry Shampoo on Permed Hair?

Yes, you can use dry shampoo on permed hair. In fact, dry shampoo can be a great way to help extend the life of your perm and keep your hair looking fresh and grease-free in between washings.

Just remember to use a light touch when applying the dry shampoo, as too much can leave your hair looking dusty and dull.

And be sure to select a formula that is specifically designed for permed or chemically treated hair. It is unlikely you will get the hair as smooth and shiny as with ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera.

shampoo for perm hair

The Best Shampoo for Permed Hair

So, if you’re looking for the best shampoo for permed hair, whether you have anything from a sensitive scalp to excel oil to fine hair, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of seven shampoos that are perfect for keeping your perm looking its best.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, these shampoos will help keep it healthy and shiny.

And don’t forget to tap the button to check the price – we know you won’t want to miss out on these great deals!

best professional shampoo for permed hair

One Final Thought

During our search we also discovered some noteworthy alternatives we did not cover, and some ingredients you may look out for to ensure you have considered all off the option.

The Frederic Fekkai Moisturizing Shampoo which salon trade and powered by plants! Or one of the Sulfate free Purple Shampoos like L'Oreal Paris EverPure Brass Toning Purple Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner leaving it deeply moisturized whilst being able to boast it is vegan.

Great Sulfate Free Option 

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Brass Toning Purple Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Check Price on Amazon

Also noteworthy is the Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera, this high-end product that gently cleanses the hair and body, leaving the hair fibre hydrated* and full of vitality.

Great Hydrating Shampoo Bar

Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar with Aloe Vera

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If you outcome us not only to maintain curly locks, but to promote healthy hair growth, it would be very useful to understand the benefits that shea butter, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, coconut milk and macadamia oil can have.

Great Shampoo for Colored Hair

FEKKAI Technician Color Shampoo, Vegan & Cruelty Free

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This is especially true when dealing with a sensitive scalp and avoiding excess oil.

Happy shopping!

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