Elevate the beauty of your dark or brunette hair with our curated list of the best shampoos designed to keep your tresses looking absolutely gorgeous. Whether your hair falls into the realm of light brown, deep black, or any shade in between, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we unveil our top picks, ensuring your dark mane gets the care it truly deserves.

Looking for the best shampoo for dark hair?

We've got you covered! In this blog post, we'll share our top picks for shampoos that will keep your dark tresses looking gorgeous.

Dark colored hair can be beautiful, but it takes a lot of work to maintain its shine and color.

If you're not sure which shampoo is right for you, read on to learn more about the different types of shampoos available.

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How we Choose the Best Shampoo for Dark Hair

It can also be a challenge to find the best shampoo that keeps it healthy and looking and smells good.

All of the different shampoo options on the market can be overwhelming, and it's hard to know which one is best for your unique type.

We have done the research for you and found the best shampoos for dark or brown hair.

Best Shampoo for Richness

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Shampoo

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Why GG Loves it

Looking for a way to add some depth and richness to your brunette hair locks? Look no further than John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Shampoo!

This unique formula contains natural cocoa and evening primrose oil which work together to give you a deeper, more vibrant brunette hair color. Plus, it helps to nourish dry hair and lock in essential moisture, leaving your locks looking lustrous and healthy.

So why wait? Give yourself John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Hair Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Shampoo!

What you Ought to Know

Whether your color treated brunette hair, or natural hair, John Frieda's Visibly Deeper Shampoo will help your color get to the richness you desire.

Infused with ingredients designed to add richness, lightweight texture, and depth to yourself while intensifying color for all shades of both brunette hair and light tones and dark tones, this shampoo is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their current shade.

For best results, use daily or every time you wash with John Frieda's Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Conditioner. And because we're confident you'll love the results, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Best Shampoo with Natural Ingredients

Design Essentials Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo

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Why GG Loves it

Looking for a shampoo that will deep clean without stripping it of its natural oils? Look no further than Design Essentials Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo!

This first lather shampoo is filled with natural ingredients like oat protein and henna to deeply penetrate and cleanse your hair of any impurities. Plus, the gentle formula won't strip your brunette hair of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft, healthy, and hydrated. A great finishing touch can be to add hair oil to your routine using the best drugstore hair oil.

What you Ought to Know

If you're looking for a shampoo that will promote healthy head, look no further than Design Essentials' Cleanse Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

This gentle, alcohol-free and non-stripping formula can be used daily to revitalize hair and scalp.

It features hydrolyzed oat protein that conditions and increases hydration, and henna that adds volume, shine and strengthens, making it more resilient to damage and breakage. It's great for all hair types - from women's straight and relaxed strands to men's and children's natural waves and coils - and it's even gentle enough for color treated hair, locs, and gray hair.

Best shampoo for Thinning Hair

Nioxin System 3 Cleanser Shampoo

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Why GG Loves it

Introducing Nioxin System 3 Cleanser Shampoo, this best-selling product for those with thinning hair.

This daily cleansing shampoo gently removes follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair.

It also provides essential nutrients to reinforce and strengthen the structure of the hair.

Nioxin System 3 Cleanser Shampoo is part of the three-part system that is specifically designed for those with fine or thinning hair.

When used together, the products in this system work to cleanse, optimize and protect the scalp and hair.

Step 1: Cleanser Shampoo;

Step 2: Revitalizing Conditioner;

Step 3: Scalp & Hair Treatment.

What you Ought to Know

NIOXIN has a variety of products available to control moisture for each user's unique hair needs. NUCILIUM-PLEX is a leave-on scalp treatment that uses technology to support hair health from the inside out.

This supplement provides thicker, fuller hair and resilience against damage. NIOXIN also has a smoothing control system that leaves hair feeling softer and manageable.

These products are easy to use and provide long-lasting results. Whether you're looking for a Leave-In Conditioner, Moisturizing Shampoo, or Styling Treatment, NIOXIN has a product that will help you achieve the healthy hair you desire.

Best Color-Depositing Shampoo

MATRIX Total Results Dark Envy Color-Depositing Green Shampoo

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MATRIX Total Results Dark Envy Color-Depositing Green Shampoo

Why GG Loves it

Looking for a shampoo that will neutralize red undertones in your dark colored hair? Look no further than MATRIX Total Results Dark Envy Color-Depositing Green Shampoo!

This shampoo is specifically formulated to enrich and neutralize red undertones, leaving your hair with a glossy finish.

Plus, it's safe for color-treated hair, so you can use it without worry.

What you Ought to Know

Allure Beauty Awards are handed out every year to recognize the best of the best in the beauty industry, in 2020, one very deserving product is this green shampoo.

Ideal for use on virgin or colored hair all-over black to dark brown hair, the best shampoo that not only enriches color, but also neutralizes red undertones for a glossy finish.

To use, simply apply to wet hair and leave in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. For best results, follow up with conditioner or a red neutralization mask. NIOXIN technology provides hair resilience and smoothing control for thicker, fuller hair.

Here are the FAQs for Shampoo for Dark Colored Hair

It's hard to find the No.1 shampoo for dark or brunette hair strands.

Most of us have no idea which shampoo is the best one for our hair type. We might end up buying a shampoo that makes our hair feel oily or dry, and then we have to start the search all over again.

We've done the research for you and found the top shampoo for dark or brown hair. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions to help guide you on your journey.

What Shampoo is Best for Dark Colored Hair Strands?

If you're looking for a shampoo that will help maintain your color treated hair, I would recommend choosing a shampoo that is specifically designed for color treated hair.

These shampoos often contain ingredients that help to preserve the color and vibrancy of your color treated hair, and they can also help to prevent fading.

It's important to choose the right shampoo for your hair type. If you have curly hair, you'll want to choose a shampoo that is designed to tame frizz and add shine. If your hair is dry or damaged, you'll want to choose a shampoo that contains nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, or argan oil.

Is there Shampoo that Keeps Your Hair Dark?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to keeping your hair dark. The first thing is that the hair color of your hair depends on the genes you inherited from your parents.

So, if they have light hair, there's a good chance you will too. However, there are certain factors that can affect how light or dark your hair becomes over time, exposure to the sun and chemicals in products.

That said, some shampoos do contain ingredients that can help keep your hair color looking darker for longer.

One example is coal tar shampoo, which is known to help reduce fading and be a brass minimizing shampoo. If you're interested in trying a coal tar shampoo, be sure to talk to your stylist or dermatologist first, as this type of shampoo can be harsh on the scalp.

How Often Should Black Hair be Washed?

It depends on your hair type. What might work for someone with kinky, coily, or tightly-curled hair might not work for someone with looser curls or waves and lead to damaged hair.

That being said, most people with black hair can go anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks without washing their hair. If you're trying to grow your hair out, you might want to stretch it out to 3 or 4 weeks. If you have a dry scalp or damaged hair, you might want to wash your hair more often (every 5-7 days).

And if you're using protective styles you can go even longer without washing your hair (up to 2 months), ensure your choice doesn't lead to damaged hair.

Why Hair is Dry and Frizzy?

Dry hair is caused by a lack of natural oil, which can be due to over-washing, using harsh products, and exposure to the sun and wind. Frizzy hair is often caused by humidity, which makes the individual strands of hair swell and become dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage especially with thin hair.

There are many ways to combat dryness and frizziness. One is to use a mild shampoo that won't strip away the hair's oils, and another is to apply a moisturizing conditioner after washing.

You can also use products that contain silicone or other ingredients that help seal in moisture. And finally, you can protect your hair from the sun and wind by using a hat or scarf.

How to Make Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair

There are a few ways to make dry shampoo for dark hair. One way is to use cornstarch, which is a natural, gentle starch that absorbs excess oils and sweat on the scalp.

To make it, simply mix 2 tablespoons of cornstarch with 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder (or any other light-colored powder). Another way is to use baby powder, which also absorbs oils and sweat while adding a touch of fragrance.

Simply mix 2 tablespoons of baby powder with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch.

If you want to make a dry shampoo that's tailored specifically for dark hair, you can add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil such as lavender oil, argan oil, almond oil, or rosemary oil.

These essential oils not only smell great, but they also have properties that can help improve the health of your scalp and hair. Simply add the essential oil to the cornstarch.

What Color Shampoo for Dark Brown Hair?

There are many great color shampoos on the market for your hair care routine, but it's important to find the right one for your hair color. If you have dark brown hair, a good option is to use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to enhance and enrich your natural hair color.

Look for a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically labeled as being for dark brown hair, and make sure to read the main ingredient list so that you can be sure that the shampoo and conditioner contains specific organic ingredients, like sulfate free shampoo, coconut oil, golden root extract that will help to boost and intensify your shade of brown.

Some other things to keep in mind when choosing a shampoo for dark brown hair: avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals or sulfates, which can strip your hair of its hair color or hair dye job and leave it looking dull and faded. Instead, opt for a gentle, color-safe shampoo.

And be sure to follow up with a conditioner to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

What is the Best Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair?

There are a few different things to consider when choosing the best dry shampoo for dark hair. The first is color-safe ingredients, which is important because dark hair can be more susceptible to fading and discoloration, also choose sulfate free shampoo.

The second consideration is whether the dry shampoo is designed for light, dark hair or orange and red tones, as some products are formulated specifically for one or the other.

Finally, it's important to find a dry shampoo that works well with your hair type. Some formulas tend to be more lightweight and absorbent, while others have a bit of texture or hold.

If you have fine or oily hair strands, you'll want to look for a dry shampoo that's light and doesn't leave any residue behind. If you have thick or curly hair strands, you'll want to find a formula that add a bit of volume and texture to incorporate into your hair care routine.

What is Blue Shampoo?

Blue shampoo is a type of shampoo that is designed to help remove unwanted yellow tones from blonde or light-colored hair with orange tones.

Blue shampoo and conditioner with blue pigments typically contains a blue pigment that helps to counteract the yellow tones. Blue shampoo also contains other ingredients such as antioxidants, nutrients, and UV filters to help protect the hair and keep it looking healthy, choose sulfate free when possible.

Blue shampoo is used similarly to regular shampoo. Apply it to wet hair, lather, and then rinse thoroughly. Some users may leave the shampoo on for a few minutes to allow the color-correcting agents to work before rinsing.

Does Blue Shampoo Work on Dark Hair?

Yes, the best blue shampoo works on dark hair! It's specially formulated to remove any unwanted yellow tones and brighten up your hair color, especially when sulfate free.

To use the best blue shampoo and conditioner, wet your hair and massage the shampoo into your scalp. Be sure to rinseout the blue shampoo thoroughly. You may need to use the best blue shampoo and conditioner a few times a week to achieve the desired results.

What does Blue Shampoo do for Black Hair?

Blue shampoo is a type of color shampoo that is designed to remove and neutralize brassy tones from blonde hair. Blue Shampoo and conditoner with blue pigments are typically used on blonde or light brown or blonde hair, but it can also be used on dark brown hair or natural brunettes to help brighten and lighten the color, avoid excess damage and remain sulfate free. 

Blue shampoo contains chemicals that interact with the natural pigments and color correcting pigments in hair products to cancel out the yellow or remove brassy tones. Some people describe this as a color depositing shampoo.

Does Blue Shampoo Make Your Hair Lighter?

There is some speculation that sulfate free blue shampoo and conditioner can help to lighten hair over time, but there is no concrete evidence to support this. Most experts agree that blue shampoo and conditioner is more effective to neutralize brassy tones and dulling yellow tones in hair, rather than actually lightening it. 

However, if you are looking for ways to brighten up your locks, using a blue shampoo and conditioner may be worth a try. A drugstore shampoo, blue shampoos are an option to consider carefully.

What is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo and conditioner is a type of normal shampoo and conditioner, often sulfate free, that is made to remove the yellow and to remove brassy tones from bleached or highlighted hair. It's called purple shampoo because it is violet in color.

Most purple shampoo contains violet pigments that help to neutralize the yellow tones and neutralize orange tones in blonde hair.

Purple shampoo and conditioner is often formulated with shine-enhancing ingredients like chamomile extract and keratin (find the best shampoo for keratin treated hair here!) protein, whilst remaining sulfate free, which can help to improve the overall appearance and health of bleached or highlighted hair.

The Best Shampoo for Dark Hair!

So, what makes a good shampoo for dark hair type, not just a regular shampoo? We think that it should be able to be a gentle cleanser for your your locks while preserving their natural (find the best natural shampoo for men here!) color and shine whilst remaining sulfate free where possible. It’s also important that it doesn’t contain any chemicals or sulfates, that can cause a cheese taste if tasted, which can strip away your hair’s natural oils and cause color fading, this can be reduced by using almond oil.

If you want to keep your dark tresses looking gorgeous, we recommend checking out some of the shampoos on our list. And don't forget to compare prices before making your purchase!

We also considered everywhere from drugstore brands to celebrity colorist for over a decade, conditioner duos, redken color and olaplex shampoo.

Best Hair Repair Shampoo

Redken Bonding Shampoo for Damaged Hair Repair

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Thanks for reading, and we hope this blog post has helped you find the perfect shampoo for keeping your dark hair looking its best.

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