Seashells are one of nature's most prized treasures, adorning sandy beaches with their unique shapes and beautiful colors. For centuries, people have been fascinated by these ocean gems and their alluring beauty that symbolizes love and fertility. If you are a woman who loves to express yourself through fashion and chic accessories, then a shell necklace is a must-have addition to your jewelry collection.

But with a plethora of different shell types and designs to choose from, finding the perfect one that sparkles your style and personality can be challenging because not every necklace can be a good fit for everyone. Are you looking for the most sophisticated/elegant shell necklace to complement your outfit?

Don't worry; we've got you covered! We know that picking the ideal necklace that brings out your inner mermaid can feel like searching for a rare pearl in the sea. That's why we've curated this list of the top 3 best shell necklaces that will make you feel like the sea goddess you truly are without breaking the bank.

All these necklaces listed on our list are crafted with love and care, using real seashells that have been naturally sourced from the depths of the ocean. So not only will you look fashionable and stylish, but you'll also be wearing a piece of nature's beauty around your neck that has been sustainably obtained.

Keep reading to learn more about our list of the top 3 best shell necklaces!

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How We Choose the Best Shell Necklace:

A necklace that is made from shells is the most iconic piece of jewelry to represent the beach & ocean. This piece of jewelry is not only trendy but also has a deeper meaning behind it. It is a reminder of the beauty & diversity of nature and how it has been a source of inspiration for humans since ancient times.

It represents the life cycle, protection, and balance of the ocean and its inhabitants. However, when it comes to wearing beach-inspired jewelry, there are so many options and styles available that it can be overwhelming. So, how do you choose the perfect shell necklace that suits your style and personality?

To help you out, we have done a deep dive research and have picked the top 3 shell necklaces that will perfectly capture the essence of the ocean and your unique taste. They are all durable, light, affordable, and come in various trendy styles that will surely make you stand out from the crowd of beachgoers.

Best Shell Necklace For the Summer and Beach

Fablinks White Puka Shell Necklace

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Why GG Loves It

Do you want to add a touch of the ocean to your summer look? Are you a fan of VSCO girl fashion? Or simply want to channel your inner beach babe? If so, then you should unquestionably look no further because the Fablinks White Puka Shell Necklace is here to fulfill all your summertime jewelry demands!

This necklace is inspired by Hawaiian culture and the beautiful tropical islands, making it a must-have accessory for any beach lover. It is handcrafted with natural white puka shells, giving it an authentic and genuine look. The square cut of the shells offers a trendy twist to the classic shell necklace design.

Not only is this necklace perfect for everyday wear, but it also adds a stylish touch to any beach outfit. So whether you're surfing, swimming, or simply soaking up the sun, this necklace will elevate your look effortlessly. It's also great for adding a VSCO girl vibe to your ensemble that is so popular this summer.

What You Should Know

What makes this shell necklace stand out from the rest? Well, apart from its stylish design and beachy vibes, it's incredibly versatile. You can wear it as a choker or a longer one by adjusting the length using the lobster clasp closure. This feature allows you to customize your look according to your needs & style.

What's even more exciting is that this necklace is unisex, making it suitable for both men & women. So whether you want to twin with your partner or gift it to a loved one, this necklace works perfectly for all! It also comes with an extra 2-inch extender, so you can easily adjust the length for a comfortable fit.

On TikTok, this necklace has gone viral as a statement piece and has gained popularity among many fashion influencers. The simplicity of it makes it easy to pair with any outfit, whether you're going for a casual beach look or a chic evening one. It's the perfect accessory to complete your summer wardrobe.

Best Shell Necklace For Any Occasion

CENAPOG Cowrie Shell Choker Necklace

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Why GG Loves It

This eye-pleasing cowrie shell choker necklace is the perfect accessory to elevate any summer outfit. With its delicate and intricate design, it adds a touch of elegance & bohemian flair to any look. Whether you're heading to the beach or attending a summer wedding, this necklace will elevate your style game.

The reason why it is absolutely essential for any fashionista is its versatility. It can be styled with almost any outfit - from a casual sundress to office attire; it will add that extra oomph & instantly elevate your look. This makes it the ideal travel accessory as well, as you can create multiple looks with just 1 piece.

It is designed not just for ladies but for all genders. Anyone can rock this necklace with confidence and make a statement. Whether you are a man who loves to add a touch of bohemian style to your outfit or a woman who loves to make a statement with unique jewelry pieces, this necklace is perfect for you.

What You Should Know

The thing that makes this necklace truly special is that it is handmade with love. The cowrie shells are carefully picked by hand from the natural ocean, ensuring high quality & unique designs in each piece. It takes skilled artisans in Southeast Asia hours to create this chic necklace, making it a true work of art.

The necklace also features a well-corded design, which ensures durability and longevity. You can wear it all day without worrying about it breaking or getting damaged easily. It comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, which means you can choose the perfect fit for your neck that is not too tight or too loose.

The weight of this natural shell necklace is only 8 g, which makes it comfy to wear and doesn't weigh you down. So, if you want to dance the night away at a summer wedding or rock it on a day out with friends, it won't weigh you down. Get it today and see how it instantly adds a touch of uniqueness to your look.

Best Shell Necklace For Ladies

Nackiy Handmade Sea Shell Necklace

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Why GG Loves It

This necklace from Nackiy is handmade with natural cowrie shells and features a wax twine that will not just make you look stunning but will also last for a long time. Cowrie shells have been used as currency, jewelry, and even as symbols of protection, fertility, and prosperity in many cultures around the world.

This necklace is not just a fashion statement, but it also holds cultural significance that adds depth to its beauty. One of the best things about this is that it reacts well to water. You can wear it while swimming without worrying about damaging it. The wax twine is durable and will keep your cowrie shells intact.

This necklace is perfect for anyone who loves beach-inspired jewelry or simply wants to add a touch of nature to their outfit. It can be worn as a choker or layered with other necklaces for a more bohemian look. If you want to dazzle everyone with your unique sense of style, then it is a must-have for you.

What You Should Know

Whether you're looking for something to wear on a tropical vacation or want to add a beachy vibe to your everyday style, the Nackiy sea shell necklace is the perfect choice. Its versatility makes it easy to pair with different outfits and styles, so no matter what your style is, this necklace will complement it.

The size of this shell necklace is adjustable, so you don't have to worry about it being too tight or too loose. It's approximately 16.5 inches long but can be adjusted according to your preference. This makes it a great gift option as well since you don't have to worry about getting the best size for someone else.

Plus, with top-class customer service, you can be assured that any questions or concerns you have will be addressed promptly. So what are you waiting for? Get your own Nackiy sea shell necklace today and experience the beauty and cultural significance it holds without sacrificing quality, comfort, or budget.

Here are Some FAQs to Help Guide you on Your Way!

If you're someone who loves the sandy beach or is simply drawn to the calming blue waters, then a shell necklace is a must-have in your jewelry collection. It instantly adds a touch of summer to any outfit and can be worn on any occasion, whether it's a casual day at the beach or a fancy evening out.

But can one wear it in water? Does it have any cultural significance? Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that will answer all of your doubts about this beautiful, delicate piece of jewelry:

What are the most popular types of shells used in shell necklaces?

There are a variety of shells that are used to create beautiful and unique shell necklaces. Some of the most popular types of shells that are commonly used in making these necklaces include cowrie shells, cone shells, abalone shells, puka shells, clam shells, moon snail shells, and even faux pearl seashells.

They come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and colors, which adds to the versatility & charm of each piece. When you purchase one from any online site, make sure to check the stock availability, customer support, the regular price of the item, and the shipping time. Note: also clear your Safari browser cache.

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Do shell necklaces have any cultural significance?

In many cultures, shell necklaces are believed to hold significant cultural & spiritual value. They signify love and fertility as well as protection, strength, & resilience. You can shop this necklace in various metal options, including sterling silver and gold. So don't stop your search as there are also sale promotions.

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Can I wear a shell necklace in the water?

Yes, without a doubt! Shell necklaces are a great addition to your beach or pool outfit, and they can also be worn in the water. In fact, many people love wearing shell necklaces while swimming and snorkeling.

top 2 Shell necklaces in 2023

Best Shell Necklaces:

Shell necklaces are not only gorgeous but also have a rich history. They have been worn by different cultures for ages, symbolizing life cycles, divine energy, and protection. In many cultures around the world, shells were considered sacred and believed to bring good luck and positive energy to the wearer.

The top 3 necklaces that we have mentioned above are all amazing choices for anyone looking to add a touch of nature and spirituality to their style. They are versatile, unique, and perfect for any occasion. From casual beach days to formal events, these unique necklaces will surely make a stunning statement.

So why wait? Grab any one of these necklaces from our list today and wear them with pride, knowing that not only do they look amazing but also hold cultural significance. With any one of these necklaces, you can channel your inner goddess and embrace the beauty of nature without giving your arm or leg.