If your lips are very sensitive, it’s probably feeling like a hassle to find the right lipstick. If you have sensitive lips, it's essential that you take extra care when choosing the right lipstick and caring for your lips. Read on to learn more about why your lips may be so sensitive and how to choose a lipstick that won’t irritate or dry out your delicate skin.

Understanding Sensitive Lips
Your lips may seem ultra-sensitive for several reasons, including environmental factors such as sun exposure or cold weather, or even dehydration. It’s also possible that allergies can cause sensitivity in the area around your mouth. Applying harsh lip products such as matte lipsticks can also cause irritation, as they often contain high levels of alcohol which can dry out your skin.

Choosing the Right Lipstick
If you have sensitive lips, it is important to choose lipsticks that do not contain alcohol or other harsh ingredients. Look for lipsticks with soothing ingredients such as shea butter, honey, Vitamin E and aloe vera. These natural ingredients will help protect and nourish your lips while keeping them hydrated. Also make sure to stay away from matte lipsticks; instead opt for moisturizing formulas with glossy finishes that won't dry out and irritate your lips.

Caring for Sensitive Lips          
In addition to picking the right type of lipstick for sensitive lips, there are several other steps you can take to protect them from becoming irritated or dry. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day in order to keep your body hydrated—it will help keep your skin healthy too! You should also apply sunscreen before going outside; this will help protect your lips from UV rays which can cause damage during summer months or while skiing in wintertime. Finally, make sure to exfoliate regularly using a gentle scrub—this will help remove dead skin cells without causing irritation or inflammation.

Taking care of sensitive lips doesn’t have to be complicated if you know what steps need to be taken – from understanding why they are so sensitive in the first place all the way up through making sure you pick out the right kind of lipstick formula – by following these tips you'll be able to better manage your delicate skin! With these tips in mind, you'll be able to find a lipstick that's perfect for both you and your unique needs!

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