Extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair, but maintaining them can be daunting. You want to make sure that the extensions are kept healthy and hydrated in order for them to look their best. Fortunately, leave-in conditioners are an easy and effective way to nourish your extensions. Keep reading for our tips on how to use a leave-in conditioner for your extensions!

Applying The Conditioner
The first step is to apply the leave-in conditioner directly to the extensions. You should focus on distributing the conditioner from root to tip of each extension. Make sure that you get all of the strands completely saturated with the leave-in conditioner. Once you have applied it all over, use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush to detangle and smooth out any knots or tangles in the extensions. This will help ensure that the conditioner is evenly distributed throughout each strand of hair.

Rinsing & Drying Your Extensions
Once you have finished combing through your extensions, it’s time to rinse off the excess product with lukewarm water. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly so no residue remains on the strands of hair. After rinsing, gently squeeze out any excess water before laying out your extensions on a towel and letting them air dry naturally. Avoid using heat styling tools such as blow dryers or curling wands as this could damage your extensions further.

Maintaining Your Extensions
Regularly using a leave-in conditioner will help keep your hair looking its best by keeping it hydrated and healthy. Additionally, we recommend avoiding products that contain alcohol or sulfates as these can strip away natural oils from both real hair and synthetic fibers leading to dullness and frizziness over time. Lastly, regular trims will help keep split ends at bay and make sure that your extensions look salon fresh!

Leave-in conditioners are perfect for those who want an easy way to maintain their hair extensions while also providing nourishment and hydration without damaging them with heat styling tools. By applying a generous amount of leave-in conditioner from root to tip of each extension, detangling any knots or tangles with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush, rinsing off any excess product with lukewarm water, and avoiding products containing alcohol or sulfates, you can easily keep your extensions looking salon fresh! So what are you waiting for? Try out leave-in conditioners today!

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