Eternity necklaces, encrusted with diamonds, are the perfect accessory to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to your outfit. They are the epitome of timeless class and sophistication. However, buying an eternity necklace can be daunting if you're unacquainted with diamond quality. So, if you want to choose the perfect diamond quality for your eternity necklace, read on.

Grading System

The first step to choosing the perfect diamond quality is understanding the grading system. The 4Cs- cut, clarity, color, and carat weight- determine the quality and value of the diamond. The cut is the most critical as it covets the diamond's brilliance and sparkle. The clarity of a diamond implies the number and size of inclusions and blemishes. The color is based on the presence or absence of color in the diamond, with the most valuable stones being colorless. Lastly, carat weight determines the size and weight of the diamond.


Budget is the next important factor in choosing diamond quality. While you might want the most beautiful diamond, it's essential to determine what you can afford. Eternity necklaces can be costly, and the diamond quality can significantly impact the final price. With different diamond grades come varying price points, meaning that there is a wide range of eternity necklaces that you can select from.


Another consideration that you should make when choosing diamond quality is your lifestyle. Do you lead an active lifestyle or work at a desk all day? If you have a high-energy lifestyle, consider choosing a diamond with a lower clarity grade. However, if you're likely to wear your eternity necklace occasionally and want only the best, opt for a diamond with a high clarity grade.


The setting of the eternity necklace also plays a crucial role in making your diamond sparkle, and it can harp or help diamond quality. The metal used for the setting should complement the diamond color, while the style of the setting should enhance the design of the necklace. A secure setting design, such as a four-prong or a six-prong, also ensures that the diamond does not fall out or loosen.

Trustworthy Retailer

Lastly, choose a trustworthy and reliable retailer to purchase your eternity necklace from. Do your research and read reviews from previous customers to assess what they say about the retailer. You can also ask to see certificates from a reputable gemmological laboratory to authenticate your diamond's quality and ensure that it is natural and conflict-free.

Choosing the perfect diamond quality for an eternity necklace can be tasking, but understanding the grading system, considering your budget, lifestyle, and setting, and choosing a trustworthy retailer can make things easier. With these tips, you can pick a diamond that suits your budget and taste and adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to your outfit. Happy shopping!

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What are the ethical considerations when purchasing a diamond eternity necklace? 

Ethical considerations should be at the forefront of your decision-making process when purchasing a diamond eternity necklace. It's essential to ensure that the diamonds in your necklace are ethically sourced, meaning they are not associated with conflict or human rights abuses. Look for certifications like the Kimberley Process Certification, which attests to the ethical origins of the diamonds. Alternatively, consider opting for lab-grown diamonds, which have a significantly reduced environmental impact and are free from the ethical concerns associated with mined diamonds. 

How do I choose the right diamond quality for an eternity necklace?

What care and maintenance are required for diamond eternity necklaces? 

Proper care and maintenance are vital to preserving the beauty and longevity of your diamond eternity necklace. First, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or engaging in activities potentially damaging the delicate setting. It's recommended to periodically inspect the prongs and settings to identify any signs of wear and tear, and if you notice any issues, have them professionally repaired promptly. For routine cleaning, a gentle approach is best. Use a soft brush, mild detergent, and lukewarm water to clean the necklace, then rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

How do you choose the right diamond quality for an eternity necklace?

What are the best ways to clean and store a diamond eternity necklace? 

Properly cleaning and storing your diamond eternity necklace is critical to maintaining its exquisite beauty. To clean the necklace:

  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent.
  2. Gently dip a soft brush into this soapy solution and carefully scrub the necklace, particularly areas with accumulated dirt or oils from skin contact.
  3. Rinse it thoroughly under running lukewarm water, ensuring all soap residue is removed, and then pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  4. When storing your precious necklace, store it separately from other jewelry items to prevent scratching.

A soft pouch, velvet, or satin lining jewelry box is an ideal choice.

How do you know which diamond is the best quality?

How can I incorporate a diamond eternity necklace into my fashion style? 

Incorporating a diamond eternity necklace into your fashion style can elevate your overall look and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. There are several stylish ways to do this. Wear the necklace as a statement piece with a simple, monochromatic outfit for an elegant and timeless appearance. This draws attention to the necklace's brilliance and allows it to take center stage. Alternatively, consider layering your diamond eternity necklace with other necklaces of varying lengths and styles for a more casual or eclectic look. This layered approach can create a fashionable and personalized effect.

How can I incorporate a diamond eternity necklace into my fashion style? 

How can I get a diamond eternity necklace appraised for insurance purposes? 

Appraising your diamond eternity necklace for insurance purposes is a prudent step to ensure it's adequately protected in case of loss or damage. Locate a reputable and certified jewelry appraiser specializing in valuing fine jewelry to initiate the appraisal process. Choosing an appraiser with a proven track record and extensive experience in assessing the worth of diamond jewelry is essential. When you meet with the appraiser, provide them with all pertinent information about your necklace, including details about the diamonds (such as carat weight, color, clarity, and cut), the type of metal used in the setting, and any purchase receipts or documentation.

Should I choose a traditional round-cut diamond or explore other shapes? 

When selecting a diamond shape for your eternity necklace, you can express your style and preferences. While the round-cut diamond is a timeless classic, exploring other shapes can add a unique and distinctive touch to your necklace. Each diamond shape possesses its charm and character. For instance, a princess-cut diamond exudes modern elegance with its sharp corners and brilliant sparkle. In contrast, an emerald-cut diamond offers a more vintage and sophisticated appeal with its rectangular facets. With its elongated shape and pointed ends, the marquise-cut diamond can create a captivating and regal look.