If you’re looking for longer and lusher lashes, then you need to invest in an eyelash primer. An eyelash primer is a mascara-like product that is applied prior to mascara for maximum length and volume. It adds extra volume, holds curl, and separates lashes for a beautiful finish. Here’s why you need to use eyelash primer.

Coats Each Lash Separately
One of the key benefits of using an eyelash primer is that it helps to coat each lash separately. This ensures that your lashes are evenly coated with mascara and prevents clumps from forming. Clumps don’t look great — they make your eyes look smaller and can be difficult to remove without taking off some of your natural lashes. With an eyelash primer, each of your lashes will be nicely separated which will give you a more natural look with an even application of mascara.

Adds Extra Volume & Length
Eyelash primers are formulated with nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera extract, and jojoba oil which help to condition and hydrate your lashes while adding extra volume and length. The conditioning agents found in the primer help to keep your lashes soft and supple so that they won’t break or fall out easily after applying mascara. Additionally, the added length will open up your eyes for a more awake appearance.

Holds Curl & Helps Fight Smudging
Another benefit of using an eyelash primer is that it helps hold curl better than regular mascaras do on their own. Primers are formulated with polymers which help hold curl longer so you won’t have to worry about flat or droopy lashes throughout the day. In addition, primers also help fight smudging by creating a barrier between the mascara wand and your skin — this means no raccoon eyes!

For those who want longer and fuller looking lashes without having to resort to false ones or extensions, then investing in an eyelash primer is definitely the way to go! Not only does it add extra volume and length but it also helps separate each lash while keeping them conditioned throughout the day — all without any smudging or flaking! So go ahead — give yourself those luscious lashes you’ve always wanted!

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