If you’ve dyed your hair purple and want to lighten it up, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll help you understand the steps needed to lighten up purple hair dye without damaging your hair. We'll also provide tips on how to choose the right type of hair dye for a successful lightening process. (find the best hair bleach here!)

Understanding Your Hair Type
In order to choose the right type of hair dye, you need to know what kind of hair you have. Hair can be divided into four main categories—normal, dry, oily, and combination—and each category has different needs when it comes to choosing a dye. Knowing your hair type will help you pick out the best product that won’t damage or dry out your strands.

If your hair is normal, then any type of dye should work just fine. However, if your hair is dry or oily, then it may be best to opt for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color instead of permanent dyes. That way, you can still get the color you want without sacrificing the integrity of your strands. Remember that all dyes will contain some degree of chemicals; so if you have especially delicate hair then make sure to pay close attention to ingredients and be mindful not to leave in any product longer than recommended on its packaging instructions.             
Choosing The Right Hair Dye
Once you know what kind of hair dye works best for your strands, it's time to pick out a color! There are many shades of purple available and choosing one can be tricky since they all look slightly different once applied. For most natural-looking results, go with a shade that is close to your natural hue but slightly brighter; this will give you that subtle pop of color without looking too drastic or unnatural. Additionally, make sure that whatever product you buy does not contain ammonia or bleach as these ingredients can cause major damage over time if used frequently.  
Lightening Up Purple Hair Dye
Now that you have chosen the right product for your strands and picked out the perfect shade of purple hair dye, it's time to learn how to lighten up the color! The easiest way is by using an ash toner which will help mute any unwanted brassy tones while adding subtle highlights throughout your strands. Another option is using an at-home highlighting kit which will allow you create streaks throughout your mane while also lightening up any existing colors such as purple tones. Both options are relatively easy and effective ways to add dimension and depth while softening any harsh colors like purple hues! Finally, avoid washing with hot water as this can strip away pigments from dyed locks faster than cold water would – so stick with lukewarm temperatures when rinsing off after shampooing/conditioning!

Whether you want a subtle hint of color or an all-over vibrant hue in no time at all – knowing howto choose the right type of hair dye and understanding which techniques are necessary in order lighten up purple hues is key! From selecting an ammonia-free formula that compliments each individual’s specific strand type all the way through properly executing at home techniques such as toners and highlighting kits – following these steps will ensure beautiful results every single time! So don't wait - use our tips now for gorgeous locks today!

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