Waterlining with eyeliner may seem intimidating, but the results can be truly stunning and eye-catching. Waterlining is when you apply eyeliner to your waterline (the inner rim of your eye). This technique creates a dramatic look that can be used to enhance any makeup look. Here’s a guide to help you master the art of waterlining with eyeliner.

Choosing An Eyeliner For Your Waterline
When it comes to choosing an eyeliner for your waterline, there are two main options: liquid eyeliner and kohl liner. Liquid eyeliners (find the best white eyeliner here!) will give you a bolder, more intense line on your waterline. They are usually waterproof and long-lasting, so they won’t smudge or run down your face throughout the day. However, liquid liners can sometimes be difficult to apply and remove if you make a mistake. On the other hand, kohl liners tend to have softer pigments that create a subtler effect on the waterline. They are usually creamier and easier to apply than liquid liners, but also less long-lasting.

Application Techniques
Once you’ve chosen an eyeliner for your waterline, it’s time to start applying it! Start by pulling your eye open gently with one hand while using the other hand to trace a thin line along your lower lash line This volumizing mascara can make lashes (whether they are short or long) (find the best mascara for short lashes here!)  using small strokes (from the inner corner of your eye outward). If you find that this is too difficult with one hand then use both hands—one to hold open the eye while another applies the liner. It may take some practice but soon enough you’ll get comfortable with application techniques! Once you do become comfortable with application techniques then try experimenting with different colors and techniques like winged liner or creating cat eyes in order to achieve different looks! You can even use different colored eyeliners together for an even more dramatic look.

Tips & Tricks
When applying any type of, drugstore eyeliner or luxury eyeliners, make sure that you keep your eyes relaxed and free from squinting as much as possible in order for it to go on smoothly. Additionally, make sure that you don’t tug at your skin too much as this might cause irritation or redness around the area where the product has been applied—especially when dealing with sensitive skin around the eyes! Finally, if you want a lasting finish then make sure that once applied let it sit without touching it up or wiping away any mistakes until after about 5 minutes have passed or else you might end up smudging or wiping away all of your hard work!

Waterlining with eyeliner is definitely not for everyone; however, if done correctly it can really transform any makeup look from subtle to stand-out in no time at all! When selecting an eyeliner for this technique make sure that whatever type of liner chosen is waterproof and long-lasting so that it doesn't smudge throughout wear time—liquid liners tend to be better suited for this purpose compared to their kohl counterparts due to their greater resistance against smudging and running. Additionally, don't forget about application techniques! Keep those eyes relaxed while applying small strokes from inner corner outward in order for everything goes on smoothly without having to worry about unwanted messes later on down the road! With these tips & tricks in mind anyone should be able to master this technique easily—so go ahead and give waterlining with eyeliner a try today!

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